About Us

Expansion Media Group is focused on coupling entertainment and community.  With the increase of needs across our communities, Expansion wants to help bridge the gap.  We want to provide awareness, networking and community outreach while entertaining you. Expansion is based out of Atlanta, Ga. but thanks to the use of multimedia vehicles, we hope to reach beyond the Atlanta area.  Our first vehicle of communication is Expansion Entertainment.  Expansion Entertainment brings the party to you!  Whether we are planning a themed event or sponsoring a gallery show or happy hour we want you to be in the mix.  Our signature is that with every event big or small there is an opportunity to give back to our communities.  Our second vehicle of communication via internet is known as Expansion Exchange.  Expansion Exchange is an exchange of information, thoughts and ideas.  This is where you find dialogue about everything from food to real estate.  It is the place to find out when the next event is or dialogue about what’s going on. We at Expansion Media Group believe if we can expand an individual we can affect a world.   

Mission Statement 

Expansion’s mission is to provide two mediums for networking, exchange of information and community outreach.  Via the internet and social events, we hope to increase awareness and bridge social, economic and spiritual barriers.  Our goal is to influence and motivate each individual towards positive change for self, community and ultimately the world.  We believe that dialogue and exploration regardless of differences can create and destroy.  It can create positive change and increase productivity while destroying fears and stereotypes.  While expansion eagerly entertains you, we will highlight issues with the challenge of birthing solutions.  Expand an individual affect a world.

Vision Statement   

The vision behind Expansion is “open dialogue”.  Our desire is to stimulate communication, whether it be face to face at an Expansion Entertainment Event or via the internet on our Expansion Exchange.  We believe that open dialogue, networking, exchange of information and community outreach will aid in building people and communities.  Fear is the element that prevents harmony and growth.  Through communication we can do our part to dispel fear and make room for growth.  Expand an individual affect a world.

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