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So my football season has been over for the last month. It’s been hard for me to sit and watch all these playoff games without the steelers being in it this year. With that said the show must go on. The saint vs colt goes down this Sunday. I could careless who wins this game but if i had to pick one it would be the saints. In the last two weeks Payton Manning has become the greatest quarterback ever. He has to be the most over hype quarterback in NFL history! He has a 10-8 playoff record with one superbowl win wow! This guy is no Tom Brady or even the great number 16, I can’t even mention his name on this blog. Listen all im saying it’s easy to get alot of passing records when you throw the ball on every down. Is Payton great yes but best ever not so much. The great ones should be measured by the amount of rings they have not by over hype stats. With that said I pick the saints to win 42-35 with Bush as my MVP.

Jayfloyed church!!

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